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Stone Soup

When two hungry travelers wander into a mountain village looking for food, no one offers to share so the travelers decide to make their "magic soup".  By the end of the day, the villagers realize the value and pleasure of sharing.

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Why Are Scary Stories So Important?

From time to time, parents and even some educators have asked me about reading scary stories with young children. In some cases, they were concerned about how kids might react to a truly horrifying character or a particularly creepy situation. Sometimes, they were worried that a child might feel overwhelmed by the intensity of a scene.  

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Bear's All-Night Party

On the night of the full moon, Bear wants to celebrate, but none of his friends agree. The birds want to sleep. Porcupine doesn't get the point. Moose says it just won't work. But that doesn't stop Bear. Undaunted, he delivers invitations, cleans up, makes food, and even takes a nap, determined to enjoy his party - even if it's a party of one. It doesn't take long for his song and dance to draw in reluctant Dad Fox, who is joined by Wolf, Moose, the birds, and eventually all the creatures in the field and forest. By the time the moon appears, Bear's clearing is alive with a rollicking chorus. Told with Bill Harley's jaunty trademark mix of story and song, and illuminated by Melissa Ferreira's digitally enhanced acrylic paintings, this book encourages us to appreciate the here-and-now, rather than wait for opportunities that don't arrive. As Bear is fond of saying, “You never know what might happen.”

New Release

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America's Outlaws

By combining the allure of outlaws from the Wild West with the mystery of lost treasure, renowned treasure hunter, W.C. Jameson has created a blockbuster collection of over two-dozen outlaw tales. Americans are fascinated by outlaws. We’re attracted to their daring and adventurous escapades; we cheer them on as they break the rules and even when they escape from their pursuers. The stories in this new collection, feature an eccentric cast of misfits, bandits and adventurers like the infamous Frank and Jesse James, treacherous Dalton Gang, notorious Doolin Gang, Black Jack Ketchum, daring Texan Sam Bass, glamorous Belle Starr, bloodthirsty John J. Glanton, Mexican bandit Tiburcio Vasquez, the Apache warrior, Chief Victorio, legendary Montana outlaw Henry Plummer, Curly Bill Brocius, deadly Ella Watson, along with the pirate Jean Lafitte and more.

New Release
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