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Learning Resources

Stone Soup

When two hungry travelers wander into a mountain village looking for food, no one offers to share so the travelers decide to make their "magic soup".  By the end of the day, the villagers realize the value and pleasure of sharing.

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Why Are Scary Stories So Important?

From time to time, parents and even some educators have asked me about reading scary stories with young children. In some cases, they were concerned about how kids might react to a truly horrifying character or a particularly creepy situation. Sometimes, they were worried that a child might feel overwhelmed by the intensity of a scene.  

From the Blog

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Fall Newsletter

When the barnyard animals are invited to a party by their neighbors, they dress in their Sunday best and set off for a day of merriment. But when dinnertime arrives, the famished animals are perplexed to find a simple meal of cornbread. Most of them are polite, but Rooster turns his beak up in disgust and rudely leaves the party, missing the treasures hidden for the guests. The surprising twist at the end of the story explains why, ever since, Rooster scratches in the dirt. Martha Hamilton and Mitch Weiss capture the rhythms and idioms of this rural Southern tale, and Don Tate's whimsical acrylics serve up a regular hoedown of fun.


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Dancing Turtle

Popular LittleFolk picture book, The Dancing Turtle, is now available in paperback. This Brazilian folktale adapted by award-winning author Pleasant DeSpain and illustrated by David Boston tells the story of a wise turtle who must cleverly outwit two children to survive in the Amazon rainforest.  Boston's rich watercolor illustrations capture the fertile, dense life of the Amazon. This timeless story of courage and perseverance continues to be retold throughout Latin America. (ISBN 978-1-941460-46-7)

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