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Spring 2023 Newsletter - Announcing the Launch of 5 Diverse Little Folk picture books in paperback

We  are pleased to announce the release of five diverse LittleFolk picture  books in paperback. These new paperback titles come from diverse  cultures (Africa, Asia, and Latin America) and are an ideal fit for  teachers adding diversity titles to their classroom library collections.  The five titles include:  Billy Brown and the Belly Button Beastie, Fiesta, First Music, Ghost Catcher and Holy Mole'.


Fall 2022 Newsletter - Back to School with Folktales

We thought it might be helpful to kick-off the fall 2022-2023 school year with an 

overview of why folktales are more relevant than ever.

In this newsletter, we’ve organized four major sections that highlight the unique 

contribution that folktales can make in today’s challenging world.


February 2022 Newsletter - Random Acts of Kindness

"One  can never go wrong with random acts of kindness, and there can never be  too much kindness in our world.  Every small act of kindness is  significant.  It may seem like it doesn’t accomplish much, but one act  of kindness can lead to more positive outcomes."


Fall 2021 Newsletter - Supplemental Reading More Important Than Ever!

Supplemental Reading More Important Than Ever!     With  so many distractions, returning to school has been more challenging  than ever this year. However, one aspect of back to school is still  critical every fall: finding ways to reinvigorate kids with a love of  learning while also determining each child’s specific reading strengths  and needs.

One consistent trend we’ve noticed is that Story Cove usage typically spikes in Kindergarten through 2nd grade classrooms during the first 12 weeks of the school year. This  trend is true for both the online version and the 8x8 paperback picture  books with differentiated lesson plans.


Spring 2021 Newsletter - Kindness Tales Launches April 7th

Kindness Tales Launches April 7th

What could be more timely than a book about kindness in today's divided and often hostile world? 

Kindness Tales is the long-awaited third book in a trilogy that includes Peace Tales and Earth Care from award winning author and highly-respected folklorist, Margaret  Read MacDonald.  Margaret has curated a collection of her favorite  stories that celebrate the timeless power of kindness to make our world a  gentler, safer, and more loving place.

Kindness Tales contains more than forty folktales that  illustrate the transformative power of kindness through leading, sharing  and caring for one another.


November 2020 Newsletter - Sharing Stories Is More Important Than Ever – Especially During the Pandemic

Sharing Stories Is More Important Than Ever          With  so many schools still using remote learning or a blended learning  model, kids (and their families) often feel more isolated and alone. One  way to help kids feel more connected with their teachers and classmates  is to help them share their personal stories about their experiences  during the pandemic and the ways their lives have changed (in some cases  dramatically). 

Sharing stories, whether remotely over Zoom or in a physical classroom  setting, can have a profound impact on kids, not only on their sense of  personal well-being but also on their academic proficiency. In fact,  there is a growing body of research that supports the efficacy of using  the age-old tradition of storytelling and its potential impact on  learning readiness.


August 2020 Newsletter - Back to School

Featured Author:  Bill Harley,   Book of the Month:  America's Outlaws and the Treasurers They Left Behind by W.C. Jameson,  New Releases:   Sweet Tamales for Purim by Barbara Bietz and Bear's All-Night Party by Bill Harley


July 2020 Newsletter - Why Are Multi-Cultural Stories So Important Today?

Why Are Multi-Cultural Stories So Important Today?          At a time of so much social upheaval, many people are naturally  questioning the relevance of many cultural traditions. So let’s use this opportunity to discover how timeless stories from other cultures have enriched and influenced our society.   

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