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Submission Guidelines

Mailbox, Submission Guidelines

August House accepts proposals and editorial inquiries by mail only. Our editorial mission focuses on world folktales stories from the oral tradition, stories from diverse cultures, scary stories, as well as, resource books relating to storytelling or using stories in the classroom. Please review the following guidelines before contacting us about publishing your work. Thank you.



1. For our general trade line, we are interested in acquiring books related to folktales, stories from the oral tradition, stories from diverse cultures, scary stories and resource books about using stories or storytelling in the classroom. 


2. For our LittleFolk children's picture-book line, we are seeking single-story manuscripts that feature traditional folktales. We are not looking for original stories written in fable or fairy-tale style.


3. We are not soliciting proposals for our audio line nor do we distribute recordings released privately or under other labels.



1. Please address all materials to:


     Editorial Department

     August House

     3904 N. Druid Hills Road

     Suite #360

     Atlanta, GA  30033



2. Please submit proposals by mail. No phone calls or e-mails, please.


3. Although we review every submission that arrives by mail, unfortunately, you will not receive a response from us unless we are interested in pursuing publication. Due to the large number of submissions, we do not have the staff or resources to respond to every inquiry or submission that we elect not to publish.


4. If a self-addressed stamped postcard is enclosed with the submission, we will acknowledge receipt of manuscripts via the postcard. (We cannot without great difficulty acknowledge a previously submitted manuscript by phone, as manuscripts are stored and reviewed in more than one location). If we are interested in pursuing the project, you will hear from us within six months.


5. Please retain your original manuscript/proposal and only send us a copy. Your submitted materials will not be returned.





1. For chapter books or story collections, please send a letter or proposal with sample chapters (at least 40-50 pages in length) rather than a complete manuscript. A descriptive outline or table of contents should accompany written proposals. Please indicate whether or not your manuscript is currently complete, along with some estimate of a final manuscript page count and future completion date. 


2. For folktale collections, we are particularly interested in how stories are sourced, whether your sources are literary or oral. Please be sure your sample tales include annotations about the story, with sources and variations.


3. All manuscripts and proposals should be typewritten, double-spaced, on 8½ x 11" paper, with pages numbered. Please be sure your name and address appear on the title page as well as on your cover letter.


4. Biographical data is especially helpful to us in considering proposals and manuscripts. We're not necessarily looking for authors with a long number of degrees and credentials. However, anything that helps establish a strong or unique link between the author and the manuscript is useful to consider. In addition, please list any previous publication history.


5. August House will also review manuscripts that are simultaneously submitted to other publishing houses.





1. If manuscripts are submitted without illustrations, they should be typewritten on 8½ x 11" paper. Please be sure your name and address appear on the title page as well as on your cover letter, and enclose a list of sources and variants for the folktale.


2. Bear in mind that our ideal age range is 4 to 8, and the maximum word count for picture book titles is typically 1100 words, unless there is some mitigating circumstance (such as cumulative text or a repeated refrain.) If submitted with illustrations, submit text in typescript as described in below, as well as, with a dummied layout.





1. For volumes accepted for publication on our trade list, we underwrite publication costs and compensate authors by paying a royalty based on gross sales. Advances are occasionally, but not always, paid. August House typically retains subsidiary rights (book club, film, paperback, ebook, digital, audio, etc.) and global rights for the property. We reserve the right to determine binding (hardcover v. paper), print run, publication date, retail price, digital release and book design.





1. August House considers submissions of artwork separately from submissions of text, even if proposed for the same work.


2. Freelance illustrators may submit portfolio samples to our art department. Send sample work to attention of:


     Art Director

     August House

     3904 N. Druid Hills Road

     Suite 360

     Atlanta, GA 30033


3. Please note that we do not open unsolicited samples sent as e-mail attachments-they are deleted. Furthermore, we have a strong preference for hard copy samples (they are also far more likely to be filed for future reference), but if you still wish to submit samples electronically, you may send an e-mail containing a link or URL to a website at which we might view your work. Send to with "Attn: Art Director" in the subject line.


4. Never send an original work or irreplaceable copy as a submission. Send duplicate slides, photocopies (either color of B/W), postcards, or other such samples as are replaceable at minimal expense. Your materials will not be returned but may be filed for future reference.


5. For prompt notification of receipt, enclose a self-addressed, stamped postcard with a place for our initials and date.


6. We do not customarily reply to the sender if we anticipate no immediate need for artwork of the type or style of work submitted. If we don’t respond, it should not be interpreted as a lack of possible future interest.


7. August House cannot discuss terms of compensation for artwork except when a specific use is foreseen.

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