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8 Titles to Celebrate Women's History Month

These stories feature strong female protagonists and positive role models to teach readers about the unique contributions of women. These are just a few empowering titles from our Women's History Month reading list.

White Wolf Woman Cover

Collected and Retold by Teresa Pijoan

978-0-874832-00-6 (Paperback)

With the aid of more than 40 myths from the oral traditions of 30 native American tribes, ranging from the Eskimos to the Indians of Guiana, Pijoan invites readers to take a close look at the common spirit that binds together all forms of life. The Native American heroes and heroines in these myths, imbued with the strength of this common spirit, possess the power to transform themselves into snakes, birds, bears, wolves, and occasionally everyday objects.

The Girl Who Wore Too Much Cover

Retold by Margaret Read MacDonald Illustrated by Yvonne Lebrun Davis

978-0-874835-03-8 (Hardcover) 978-1-939160-93-5 (Paperback)

Aree likes fine clothing and jewelry, but she is just a wee bit spoiled and has more fine dresses and accessories than she needs. When word comes of a dance in the next village, Aree can't make up her mind. Racked by indecision, Aree decides to wear her full wardrobe, until she learns that excess can be a burden, and that impressing friends is not the same as keeping them. This legend from Thailand will teach readers the importance of caring, respect and responsibility.

Sister Tricksters Cover

Retold by Robert San Souci Illustrated by Daniel San Souci

978-0-874837-91-9 (Hardcover)

Everyone remembers the exploits of Br'er Rabbit and his cohorts Br'er Fox, Br'er Possum, and other sly characters. While these tales were circulating among slaves in the southern United States, another set of stories surfaced, except the clever tricksters were female. Utilizing a contagiously rhythmic, pitch-perfect dialect, writer Robert gleefully interprets the exploits of Molly Cottontail, Miz Grasshopper, Miz Duck, and Miz Goose against worthy (and not-so-worthy) foes such as Mistah Slickry Sly-fox, Mistah Rooster, and Mistah Bear.

The Woman Who Flummoxed the Fairies Cover

Retold by Heather Forest Illustrated by Susan Gaber

978-1-939160-71-3 (Paperback)

In this Scottish folktale, sweet-toothed fairies fly into people’s homes and feast on leftover cake crumbs. The King of the Fairies is always annoyed that crumbs never remain from the very best cakes baked by the talented baker woman, so he orders the fairies to capture her and bring her down to the Fairy Kingdom. Eventually she strikes a clever bargain with the impatient Fairy King to win her freedom and return home in return for sharing her tasty cakes.

Rachel the Clever Cover

Collected by Josepha Sherman

978-0-874833-06-5 (Hardcover) 978-0-874833-07-2 (Paperback)

Nearly all of these 46 tales have been passed on by immigrants to America. As a result, this collection is a world tour between two covers, but not at the expense of the unifying element common to these stories: their uniquely Jewish flavor of “doing the right thing, on surviving by cleverness and kindness and on the need for keeping a good sense of humor." Sherman's collection includes magical tales; stories about clever folks; tales of ghosts, gilguls, and other strange things; fables that deal with doing the right thing; and stories about the delightfully silly Wise Men of Chelm.

The Little Red Hen Cover

Retold by Heather Forest Illustrated by Susan Gaber

978-0-874837-95-7 (Hardcover) 978-1-939160-97-3 (Paperback)

The Little Red Hen's frisky housemates—Dog, Cat, and Mouse—would rather play than settle down to daily chores such as planting, cutting, and grinding wheat. When the wheat is used to make a delicious cake, the little creatures are more than happy to help eat it! Heather Forest's rhythmic retelling captures the chaos of daily living and celebrates the spirit of teamwork inherent in the tale. Susan Gaber's whimsical illustrations transport the reader to a cozy cottage where the little Red Hen teaches others how to contribute even if it is more effort than doing the work herself.

A Tale of Two Frogs Cover

Retold by Martha Hamilton and Mitch Weiss Illustrated by Tom Wrenn

978-0-874838-12-1 (Paperback)

This classic fable from Russia tells the story of two frog sisters with completely different personalities. One frog is known for being adventurous and impulsive, while the other one is lazy and cautious. Martha Hamilton and Mitch Weiss tell the story of how the two sisters literally get in over their heads when they fall into a pail of milk and are trapped. They fall into a precarious predicament and must find a way to save themselves. These brave frogs inspire readers to be resourceful and courageous.

Pickin' Peas Cover

Retold by Margaret Read MacDonald Illustrated by Pat Cummings

978-1-939160-83-6 (Paperback)

A clever, singing rabbit eats his way through the pea patch until Little Girl snatches him up. He is soon singing a new tune as he plans his escape. With a nod to Br'er Rabbit, Pickin' Peas is adapted from two folktales collected in Alabama and Virginia. The lively storytelling voice of award-winning author Margaret Read MacDonald, combined with Pat Cummings' bright, bold contemporary illustrations, make this timeless battle-of-wits an instant classic.


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