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The Contest Between the Sun and the Wind

The Contest Between the Sun and the Wind Cover

Walking along a winding road, a man finds himself the subject of a contest of strength between the sun and the wind. Who can get the man to take his coat off? The howling wind boasts and bullies, but the shivering man tightly clutches his coat. With warmth and light from the sun, the man decides to remove his own coat! Throughout this story, Sun and Wind clash. The wind uses a more forceful means to accomplish the goal, hoping to physically blow the man’s jacket off. On the other hand, the sun provides warmth and the man removes his coat of his own volition.

The award-winning creative team of Heather Forest and Susan Gaber bring this timeless tale from the fables of Aesop to life. The Contest Between the Sun and the Wind teaches readers that kindness and gentleness prevail over violence and force. Susan Gaber's dramatic illustrations capture the whimsy of this fable with curving words, bright textures and wonderfully, captivating images.

One review from Booklist considers the moral of this story as, “Gentleness beats bluster.” Described as “a deeply satisfying retelling, worthy of pondering,” it’s no surprise that this story has received the NAPPA Honor award as well as the Parent’s Choice Recommended Award.

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Sun and Wind from The Contest Between the Sun and the Wind


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