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Celebrate Mother's Day with our Favorite August House Moms

They're our advisors, our friends, our touchstones; they're our mothers! The bringers of life and the tellers of truths. These August House titles celebrate incredible maternal figures. Even if these mothers aren't the main character, they play a major role behind the scenes as the voice of reason, the shoulder to cry on, the clever sage, and the strong role model.

The Pig Who Went Home on Sunday Cover

By Donald Davis

Illustrated by Jennifer Mazzucco

978-0-87483-571-7 (Hardcover) 978-0-874838-51-0 (Paperback)

Mama Pig knows that her baby pigs are growing up and must leave the cave to settle the Appalachian mountains on their own, but not without some stern advise and an adamant plea to visit every Sunday. Will the sons listen to Mama? Will they make it to Sunday brunch at home?

The Sundown Kid Covers

By Barbara Bietz

Illustrated by John Kanzler 978-1-939160-94-2 (Paperback)

After moving to the southwest from their tight-knit community, this pioneering Jewish family struggles to find their niche in a new community. Mama grapples with upholding the Jewish tradition of Shabbat, as she exclaims, "Too much soup, not enough family!" Her son invites the neighbors and the townspeople to join them for Shabbat, and the community is brought together by Mama's heartwarming soup!

The Uglified Ducky Cover

By Willy Claflin

Illustrated by James Stimson

978-0-874838-58-9 (Hardcover) 978-0-874839-53-1 (Paperback)

Moms can be many shapes and sizes...even that of a duck. Mommy Ducky willingly takes Baby Moose under her wing, despite his strange appearance. Nevertheless, she teaches him to waddle, quack and fly (or at least she tries).

Mama Learns to Drive and Other Stories

By Donald Davis

978-0-874837-45-2 (Hardcover)

Donald Davis creates a memory capsule of his mother, Lucille Walker Davis, following her passing in 1998. Although she is not the main character in every story, Davis' mother seems to be ever-present and ready for anything. As Davis describes, "She was like a skillful fisherman, standing above the water on the edge of the stream, both knowing about and holding a measure of control over the free life of all the fish swimming...I was one of those fish in the stream over which she presided."

The Drum Cover

Retold by Rob Cleveland

Illustrated by Tom Wrenn 978-0-874838-02-2 (Paperback)

This mother provides for herself and her only son, walking to and from the village to get what they need to survive. Her son helps her and doesn't complain, yet the mother feels bad for not being able to give him everything he wants. The small family soon finds out that money doesn't buy happiness, but rather a little bit of selflessness affords a few small pleasures.

Growing Gold Cover

Retold by T.V. Padma

Illustrated by Tom Wrenn

978-0-874838-60-2 (Paperback)

Fed up with her 3 lazy sons, this clever mama convinces her sons that there is a family treasure buried in the field. Mama tells them they must plow, seed, water and tend the land, then they will find the buried gold. Eventually the son's learn to appreciate working the land and her husband receives some well-earned rest and relaxation. Soon enough, the family looks out upon a golden field of wheat and the sons finally come to understand the importance of hard work.

Juan Bobo Sends the Pig to Mass Covers

As told by Arí Acevedo-Feliciano

Illustrated by Tom Wrenn

978-0-874838-83-1 (Paperback)

Juan's mama tries to teach him a lesson in listening and diligence. While she attends mass, Juan must watch the pig. The day gets hotter and the pig gets restless, so Juan decides the pig misses mama and sends her off to mass in one of mama's finest dresses. When mama gets home she finds the pig rolling in the mud and her dress torn to shreds. A mother's work is never done, and sometimes her lessons go misunderstood.

The Girl Who Wore Too Much Cover

Retold by Margaret Read MacDonald

Illustrated by Yvonne Lebrun Davis 978-0-874835-03-8 (Hardcover) 978-1-939160-93-5 (Paperback)

Aree loves all of her clothes, so much so that she can't decide which dress to wear. Why not wear them all?! Aree wants to be the prettiest one at the dance, but her vanity gets the best of her. All of her beautiful fabric and jewelry becomes heavy and hot in the sun. Her mother gives her some wise advice, "You must learn to be happy with less."

The Woman Who Flummoxed the Fairies Cover

Retold by Heather Forest

Illustrated by Susan Gaber

978-1-939160-71-3 (Paperback)

This baking mama makes the best cakes in town, and the fairy kings takes notice. While her husband stays home with the baby, the baker-woman sets off to the royal palace to bake a royal wedding cake. On the way home, the fairies enchant the woman and take her to the king, who forces her to bake for him! However, this clever mom finds a way to outwit the king. She convinces the fairies that she can only bake with her cat, her dog, her baby and her husband surrounding her, knowing the noise will be too much for the king.

Sister Tricksters Cover

Retold by Robert D. San Souci

Illustrated by Daniel San Souci

978-0-874837-91-9 (Hardcover)

In this female-centric version of the Br'er Rabbit tales features clever wives and mama's who outwit the devious likes of Mistah Fox. Miz Molly, Miz Grasshopper, Miz Duck and Miz Goose go head-to-head with their male foes in a battle of wits in order to protect their homes and family.

Scariest Stories Ever Told Covers

By Roberta Simpson Brown 978-1-939160-99-7 (Paperback)

"Queen of Cold-Blooded Tales," Roberta Simpson Brown embraces fear, incorporating horror into familiar settings such as our schools, our backyards and our homes. As she describes its, "[Scary stories] allow us to identify our fears, share them, and find a way to deal with them. But don't think these brave kids do it all on their own. Stories such as "The Feathered Thing," "The Lake," and "The Warning" feature wise mom's who issue warnings and lessons to scaredy children. Listen to your mother, it could save your life one day.

Ancient and Epic Tales From Around the World Cover

By Heather Forest

978-1-941460-35-1 (Hardcover) 978-1-939160-87-4 (Paperback)

These classic and well-known (a few hidden gems) stories tell of heroic adventures, life lessons and leadership skills. Of course there's a wise, brave mother behind the scenes. In "Telepinu's Rage," Telepinu, the god of fertility, wakes up on the wrong side of the bed. In his irrational tantrum, Telepinu takes away fertility from the land, and "a cold mist seizes the world." Only the goddess of magic and a mortal man are able to calm down the angry man, bringing fertility back to the world. This collection includes more stories such as a King Soloman tale, The Milk of a Lioness," "Mulan Goes to War, and "The Tree of Life."


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