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5 Festive Titles to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Fiesta! Cover

By Sherry Shahan

Illustrated by Paula Barragán

978-0-874838-61-9 (Hardcover)

A colorful romp celebrating traditional festivals and holidays in Latino culture with a festival for each month of the year, written in both English and Spanish.

Holy Molé! Cover

By Caroline McAlister

Illustrated by Stefan Czernecki

978-0-874837-75-9 (Hardcover)

Carlos is working in the kitchen of the Mexican monastery when the cook enters the room in a panic. The Spanish Viceroy is on his way for a surprise visit and will arrive by noon, expecting dinner. What will the brothers feed this important ambassador to the king?

Spicy Hot Colors Cover

By Sherry Shahan

Illustrated by Paula Barragán

978-0-874837-41-4 (Hardcover) 978-0-874838-15-2 (Paperback)

Colors explode off the page in this energetic, jazzy picture book introducing readers to colors in both English and Spanish. In a style brimming with rhythm and syncopation, author Sherry Shahan introduces nine colors by interweaving images and dance steps.

Conejito Cover

By Margaret Read MacDonald

Illustrated by Geraldo Valério

978-0-874837-79-7 (Hardcover) 978-1-939160-96-6 (Paperback)

In this action packed folktale from Panama, a clever little rabbit and his Tía Mónica find ways to outwit a fox, a tiger, and a lion, all of whom want to eat him for lunch.

Mexican American Folklore Cover

By John O. West 978-0-874830-59-0 (Paperback)

Mexican-American traditions are richly nourished by the folkways of three cultures: Indian, Spanish, and Mexican. This comprehensive look at the Mexican-American world includes a range of traditional proverbs, riddles, stories and folksongs.


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