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Why is Stone Soup so Special?

What is it about the timeless story of Stone Soup that makes it so popular today? Since many versions of this popular European folktale have been told and retold in multiple languages for centuries, we decided to ask educators, librarians, teachers and even the creative team to share their thoughts with us.

One librarian told us that she liked, “The classic lyric quality of the story and the way it flows when she reads it aloud for story time."

Another librarian told us she, “Loved the way the illustrations include such a wide range of ethnicities. When the village finally comes together to make the soup, it feels very inclusive.”

An educator wrote that, “It’s a story not only about sharing but being generous and understanding that a small contribution can lead to a much bigger change that can benefit an entire group of people.”

Then we asked the two people responsible for adapting the legend of Stone Soup from the oral tradition into a beautifully illustrated story.

Heather Forest, the popular storyteller and award-winning author told us that, “Stone Soup is really a metaphor for the community coming together.” She pointed out that, “Sharing is the timeless magical ingredient that makes Stone Soup such an appealing universal symbol of the value of group effort.” She added that in her travels performing at festivals, schools and community events, “I’ve found that many hands working together can achieve miracles!”

When we asked, the illustrator and other half of the award-winning creative team, Susan Gaber for her thoughts about Stone Soup, she wrote that one of the aspects she loves most about the story is that, “practicing generosity and sharing with others, broadens and enriches us, contrary to what we might have expected.”

These thoughts were reinforced by a teacher who told us, “My students love the idea of coming together to make something as a group project. When everyone contributes something to make the soup, it makes the experience more personal and they learn about the joy of sharing.”

What about your experience? What makes Stone Soup special for you? Please write us at and let us know.

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