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Rick Norman

Fielder's Choice Cover by Rick Norman

Rick Norman is a business attorney practicing in Lake Charles, Louisiana. USA Today called Rick "a master storyteller" and Rick himself concedes he became an attorney so that he could be paid for exaggerating the truth.


His debut novel, the August House release Fielder's Choice, received rave reviews. Amorak Huey wrote in Southern Living: "It has earned that spot on my bookshelf reserved for the most memorable baseball books, right next to the likes of Mark Harris' classic, Bang the Drum Slowly.” Fielders Choice is widely used in courses at colleges and high schools.


For years Rick was a regular contributor to National Public Radio's (NPR) weekly sports show "Only a Game." His commentaries and skits can still be accessed on WBUR's webpage. Rick has also written several treatises on commercial law. Not content with writing, broadcasting or practicing law, Rick also paints and his paintings adorn many Louisiana law offices.

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