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Olga Loya

Olga Loya

Nationally known Latina storyteller, performance artist, teacher and author, Olga Loya dramatically mixes Spanish and English in books and performances for adult, children and family audiences. Her repertoire demonstrates how stories from diverse cultures embrace and enrich so many aspects of people’s lives. Loya's stories explore the struggles, complexities, and joys of being bicultural - Mexican American in the United States.


Loya's August House book, Momentos Magicos or Magic Moments includes sixteen Latino stories presented in equally vibrant English and Spanish. The collection includes stories about the supernatural, animals, tricksters, strong women and myths.


Olga Loya has been a featured storyteller at the First Latin-American Storytelling Festival in Guadalajara, Mexico, and the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, appearing at the Ghost Tales Night. She also servers on the advisory boards of a number of arts councils including: Los Angeles Music Center Education Division, Santa Barbara-San Luis Obispo Children's Creative Project, and the Cultural Council of Santa Cruz.

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