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Nancy Dunaway

Nancy Dunaway

Nancy Dunaway’s work is a reflection of her life: very eclectic, a curious combination of objects often inspired by a glimpse of something natural and then taking a leap somewhere else. She has a very spiritual side and her work always reflects that component as well. She likes to think that her work tells stories of her journey along the path. Although her art is very specific to her life, she hopes that it connects with her audience to touch their life stories as well.


She works in a variety of media and loves to explore the unique attributes of each form. Making her art is a dialogue between her, the process and the materials. She begins with a loose notion, then puts a mark or an image on canvas or paper. She gathers materials to assemble, and then, they guide her where to go next. As a result, her work is filled with a constant dialogue and surprises along the way.

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