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John Kanzler

John Kanzler grew up in Norwalk, Connecticut in a house formerly belonging to William Steig’s family and he currently lives on a small farm in Greenfield, Massachusetts with his wife Diane and his daughter Lorelei. They have several sheep and a llama or two.


He has been drawing on things as far back as he can remember and is a completely self-taught artist. When he is not pursuing his art or spending time with his family on their farm, he generally pursues a crazy, eclectic range of interests, from astronomy to paleontology.


Kanzler has illustrated several books with August House, including the award-winning The Sundown Kid. In an interview with author, Barbara Bietz, Kanzler explains his process for creating the warm and timeless portrayal of a Jewish family struggling to preserve tradition in a western town. The Sundown Kid was recognized with a number of prestigious awards including: The Sydney Taylor Notable Book for Young Readers, the Gold Award Recipient Mom's Choice Award, and a Storytelling World Award. 


His latest LittleFolk picture book with August House is a collaboration with Barbara Bietz, Sweet Tamales for Purim. To read more about John and see examples of his work, you can Learn more at

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