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Dylan Pritchett

Dylan Pritchett

Dylan Pritchett shares his folktales with thousands of children and adults throughout the country in more than 200 performances a year. Dylan is inspired by cultural folktales with a positive message that cross cultural boundaries. Through his writing, he hopes to encourage and bring joy to people of all ages, from all walks of life.


As the past president of the National Association of Black Storytellers, Dylan is dedicated to passing on the rich African oral tradition of storytelling. In addition to live performances, Dylan has provided narration and served as a performer and consultant for a number of historic broadcast documentaries, including the recent PBS program, “View from the Mountaintop,” the Thomas Jefferson biography.


Dylan is one of a handful of artists selected to participate in the John F. Kennedy Center's Performing Arts Partners in Education touring program. He has been working with the Kennedy Center for many years, performing and leading workshops for teachers to teach them on how to use the power of storytelling in their classrooms.


In addition to working with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting Consortium in Columbia, South Carolina, Dylan has created a five-week course that teaches middle school students how to write and present stories of women and children — black and white — who lived during the Civil War era. Students are led step-by-step through the creative process using primary and secondary documents from Dylan's research in Kansas, Mississippi, and Kentucky. This sought-after course is a huge success in hundreds of schools across the country, as a vibrant, meaningful way to learn about our nation's history.

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