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Christy Hale

Christy Hale

Christy Hale was born in Massachusetts, but moved to California when she was ten. She considers herself bi-coastal because she has lived for extensive periods in Oregon, New York, and now again in California. She decided to become an author and illustrator when she was ten. Books have always been important to her - not just the stories, but creating the physical books. She learned calligraphy, bookbinding, letterpress printing, and began editing artist books and chapbooks in collaboration with poets.


In her early career, she taught art in secondary schools, and then attended Pratt Institute to study illustration and graphic design. She worked for many years at various publishers in New York and became an art director before her first illustrated book was published. She has illustrated more than twenty books and now also wears the author hat. She continues to work as an art director, book designer, and art educator.

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