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Barbara McBride-Smith

Barbara McBride-Smith

Barbara McBride-Smith wears many hats — simultaneously! For over 30 years, she has worked as a teacher, a school librarian, a theological seminary instructor, a traveling storyteller, and a writer. In each of these professions, she has employed storytelling as an integral educational tool and a compelling art form.


The multi-faceted McBride-Smith has authored two books for August House. Her book, Greek Myths, Western Style retells classic Greek myths in a compelling voice with contemporary touches to engage young readers and it was chosen by the American Library Association as a "Top Ten Title" for adult new readers. The Tell It Together book, a collection of foolproof story theatre scripts, was a recipient of the Anne Izard Storytellers' Choice Award.


Ten years ago, McBride-Smith was awarded the prestigious John Henry Faulk Award for outstanding contributions to the art and folkway of storytelling and she was inducted into the National Storytelling Association's Circle of Excellence. The popular performer and keynote speaker has appeared at hundreds of festivals and conferences across the country.


Born and raised in Texas, Barbara McBride-Smith learned the craft of storytelling from her two deaf sisters, who "communicated with their entire beings," and her parents, known by all as the "natural born keepers of the family lore." Her favorite collaborators, she reports, are her students, her professorial husband, her son (a musician in New York City), and her dog.

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