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Leveled Reading Correlation Chart

The table below compares different measurements from different leveling methods. You can click the Grade Level link in each row to see a list of titles at that level. Grade Level indicates the level most children can read and understand the content of the text.

DRA Lexile
K A – C 1–4 A–3 200–299
1 B – I 5–16 4–16 200–400
2 H – M 17–20 18–30 300–500
3 L – P   30–38 500–700
4 O – T   40–44 600–800
5 S – W   44–50 700–900
6 V – Y   60 800–1050
7 Z   70 850–1100
8 Z   80 900–1200

We've listed almost 100 titles for Kindergartners. While some of the titles have been leveled by the standards applied to other ages, these titles are included based on interest level.

Guided Reading is based on the standards developed by Irene Fountas and Gay Sue Pinnell in Matching Books to Readers, Using Leveled Books in Guided Reading K-3, Heinemann, 1999 and in Guided Readers and Writers Grade 3-6, Heinemann, 2001.

Reading Recovery, a registered trademark of Ohio State University, creates a set of standards and guidelines. Developed by Marie M. Clay, in the 1970's as a short intervention program, helps low achieving first graders with one-on-one tutoring.

DRA, or Developmental Reading Level Assessment, developed by Joetta Beaver and published by Celebration Press, 1977, is a method of assessing and documenting achievement within a literature based instructional program.

Lexile Frameworks, developed by MetraMetrics Inc., an independent education company based in Durham, N.C., provides a common scale for matching reader ability and text difficulty.


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